Who we are

We are an eco-conscious textile brand located near Lakefield, Ontario. Each of our works is individually hand-dyed using botanical colors, natural fibers and a blend of contemporary and traditional dyeing techniques.

We embrace the slow fashion movement

Everything is made in-house in our Lakefield area studio. To reduce waste, many of our items are not made until ordered by you.

Meet the Maker

Christine Roberts

I was raised in a family of multi-generational sewers, and have been intrigued by patterns and textiles for as long as I can remember. My formal educational is in Environmental Science and while I changed career paths early on to become a Web Developer, I was always happiest when connecting with nature.

“The first time I witnessed the magic of dyeing with natural Indigo, I was hooked. I watched the fabric turn from green to blue in front of my eyes. The fact that the beautiful blue colour that emerged came from a plant just amazed me and I could not wait to learn more about other plant dyes.”